My research interests are mainly focused on sociolinguistic aspects of sign languages and sign language communities. Basically, I get the kick out of anything to do with the role, form, function and status of sign languages. Current and previous research projects included aspects of variation, language planning & policy, standardisation, language attitudes, ...



At the moment...

I am investigating "Emerging Norms in DGS: Reconstructing Enregisterment Processes in the DGS-Community". The project aims at determining, which linguistic features indicate normative varieties in German Sign Language and seeks to explore the interplay between social and linguistic factors in the emergence of normative varieties accepted and recognised within the German sign language community. Up until February 2018 I led a 3-year research project dealing with these questions. The project was based at the University of Leipzig and was funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).





I was a Postdoc Research Fellow at the Institute for German Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf (IDGS) which is based at the University of Hamburg, Germany. My project was funded by the Hamburg Uni's Young Researchers Initiative (Nachwuchsinitiative) and entitled:


"What difference does it make? Identifying linguistic markers delineating regional variation in German Sign Language (DGS)."



Focusing in particular on a corpus of sign language data elicited in the area of Saxony, I looked at linguistic features which are particularly salient in the delineation of regional variation in  German Sign Language (Deutsche Gebärdensprache, DGS).


I have been involved in a number of UK-national and EU-funded projects dealing with sign language provision in the UK as well as the acquisition of written English proficiency for European Deaf signers.



I-Sign: ‘British Sign Language for children and families’ (UK-Department for Children, Schools and Families [DCSF]), UCLAN, UK (



BASE: ‘Basic Skills in English for Deaf Adults’ (Grundtvig, European Commission), UCLAN, UK (



Sign On!: ‘English for Deaf Sign Language Users on the Internet’ (Socrates: Lingua 2, EU), UCLAN, UK (



Other projects I have been involved in...

... had little to do with Deaf communities or sign language stuff at all but were nonetheless fascinating experiences, too. Take a look:



‘Vulnerable women...’: 'Access to antenatal care for vulnerable women in the North West', NHS funded, Public Health and Clinical Sciences, Midwifery, UCLAN, UK



EURRECA: ‘EURopean micronutrient REComendations Aligned’, Centre for Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences (CASES), UCLAN, UK (